You and your mischievous cat, Oreo had just moved into a nice little cottage on Tabby Lane. One day you met your new neighbour, Agatha and quickly became friends as you both love all things cat.

She seemed a little strange at times, but you were sure that she had a good heart as you often saw her petting and feeding all of the neighbourhood cats, calling each by name and cuddling them all. Unfortunately, she despised Oreo after an incident at her house last month.

He got in, being all friendly and curious, checked out her kitchen and everything that’s in it, helped himself to some food on the kitchen bench but according to her, he ‘ransacked her kitchen’. Well, your cat is just a bit curious, clumsy and always hungry, you think Agatha should take a chill pill.

Oreo promised not to do it again, but time will tell.

This morning, you saw him going into Agatha’s house. As you chased him down the road, you realised you were too late as you heard clanging and banging of pots and Agatha screaming at the top of her lungs vowing to take your cat to the pound!

She left hurriedly to get a crate, now you need to rescue your cat before he is taken to the pound or worse maybe turned into one of the ornaments in her house?

Room Information

This escape room has a neutral theme, suitable for families with children and animal lovers. Children must be accompanied by an adult to do this room.

English language requirements : Low

Reviews & Testimonials


"Tricky but enjoyable for all. In the past with family friends, it's been hard to find a room for all ages, but this one does that."


"Really enjoyed the room. It was good for the children as it was family friendly. The children really enjoyed it."


"Very creative, tricky but with kid friendly puzzles. Fun for the whole family!"


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