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What is an escape room?
An escape room or escape games is a fun and new entertainment concept where participants enter a themed adventure room and must try to figure out a way to escape the room by solving a series of puzzles and riddles.

How much does it cost?
Our escape rooms are priced by room and group size. All of the information you need can be found here:

Please note that the pricing for two people is the same no matter the age of the escapees. 

What if I booked for 6 people but only 5 can make it?
The only thing that matters is how many people you pay for while making the booking. If you are booking for more than two people, we will only charge a deposit of one adult admission. The rest of the payments will be taken based on who shows up in store.

How do I book for children?
Unfortunately our booking system can not process payments for children so all child payments must be made in store. Book for any adults online to reserve your booking and we will process any additional payments in store. 

We are happy to answer any questions you have so feel free to contact us via email or phone and we will get back to you withing our business hours.

Please note that each escape room requires at least one adult be present.

Do you have a function/party room?
Yes, we do have a function/party room that is private and available for you to hire. If you spend $210 minimum on escape room admission, the private party room is available to rent for $50 for up to 4 hours. If you would like to book this room without playing in any of our escape rooms, please contact us.

Do you need a vaccine certificate to escape?
No. As of 5th April 2022 - no vaccine certificate is required to access any of our facilities. So, you don't have to be vaccinated to escape or play board games with us.

How many people can play inside an escape room?
The group sizes are indicated next to escape rooms' information. Our minimum group size is 2 players in any of our rooms. The maximum is 7, though it can be a tight fit. We recommend no more than 6 people to play Bloodstone Keep as the room is physically smaller than our other escape rooms.

You can have more people inside the room if you wish, but please check with us first. Check the escape room information page for more details.

What is the age limit to play in an escape room?
Age 14 and up. Any children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by parents or adult guardians over 16 inside our escape rooms, unless by prior arrangement. Please call ahead to check.

How long does the escape room game take?
You have 60 minutes to try and escape our rooms, except for Bloodstone Keep where you have 75 minutes.

Are we actually locked in the escape room?
For safety reasons, the entry door to our escape rooms will always be unlocked. Your game master will show you the door when you arrive, as part of giving the instructions for the game.

What happens if we do not get out of the escape room in time?
We will give you a choice of finishing the room with our help or get out so that you can try another time. However, Hei$t works differently in a way that you need to get out in time, if not you will be caught by the police and you lose all your loot.

What if we get stuck and cannot figure out a clue?
A team member will be monitoring your game in the office and you can ask them for a hint via the walkie talkie provided.

Is the escape rooms wheelchair accessible?
Yes. We have elevator on site and the escape room doors' clearances are 760mm.

What days are you open?
We are open from Tuesday to Sunday, for more info on opening hours please refers to our website.

Are escape rooms suitable to play if I have claustrophobia?
This depends on how severely you suffer from claustrophobia. All of our escape rooms are reasonably spacious and you will not at any time be physically locked inside the room. If anyone is still uncomfortable with the idea of an escape room they are more than welcome to come and visit us and see the space before their appointment.

We are happy to show people around and answer any questions you may have to put your mind at ease. Message us today to arrange a viewing and we can ensure we have staff on hand to show you around.

What do I need to bring with me?
Your friends, family, colleagues, teammates, and plenty of enthusiasm.

Will my team play in an escape room with other strangers?
No, we only do private room escape room bookings. So you will not have strangers play the same game with you at the same time in the same escape room.

Do I need reading glasses inside the escape rooms?
Yes, we recommend bringing your reading glasses as it will be useful in darker rooms.

Is there any dress code to play in the escape rooms?
You can dress however you like, but please wear something comfortable that will enable you to move with no restriction and will not be trip hazard to others.

Please wear flat comfortable shoes (no heels, no bare feet inside escape rooms).

Which language are the escape rooms in?
The escape room instructions and clues are in English only. If you check the escape room information individually, you can find the English language requirements needed to help you escape.

Can I take photos inside the escape room?
You are welcome to take pictures in the escape room after the game, but not during the game as we don't want to spoil the escape room for others who have not played. Our staff member will take cool team photo for you at the end of the game.

Can I take my cell phone into the room?
We do allow cell phones to be taken into our escape rooms with these conditions:

  • No photos, recordings, or social media posts are to be taken during your game.

  • No torches/flashlights are to be used on your devices. If it is required in the room, you will find them.

  • If you wish to take a call, please do so in the board game cafĂ© as to not distract or disturb other guests. You may return to your room after.

What if something breaks or does not work inside the room?
We want to be sure that the rooms are running smoothly for all of our escapees. Each team will be given a walkie-talkie before entering the room, so if there is an issue, please let us know. Additionally, if you have questions around health and safety, please talk to us, we are happy to help. As this is related to health and safety, there is no time penalty on these queries.


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