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Heist Escapist Escape Room


Cousin Nicky was super impressed by your wits and dedication to help him execute a Hei$t on Cascade Bank. He managed to cleared out his debt to the Russian Mobs and you even have enough for a deposit to a house you have been eyeing on Hamilton Lake. Win-win for you both.

Now that Cousin Nicky has got the exhilarating taste of danger, he gets a bit cocky. He calls you up again and ask if you are game for the another Hei$t. He heard from an informant that Cascade Bank has beefed up their security and now is home to a grand jewel of insane value.

Is this information true? Are you able to pull off another Hei$t for the old time's sake? Probably you can pay off your mortgage and reach your FIRE dream, or will your luck run out this time?

Room Information

Room Information

Hei$t has been designed for multiple replay-ability. The room will be self-narrated, and you need to loot as much treasure as possible before the police find you and you lose everything. Better enjoyed by experienced players, for ultimate experience have at least 3 people in your group.
English language requirements : High

Reviews & Testimonials

Aroha Nuku

"We loved HEIST so much we came back twice in one day. Fantastic place to spend a couple of hours. Well worth the $$ and the hosts are fantastic. Thanks guys for this evenings game. Our three boys loved it. Will be back with the other cousins soon."

Al Rayner

"Fantastic escape room, we did the heist 2.0 it was really well thought out, a good challenge with well thought out puzzles. It was great fun and we'll be back."

Stu MacPherson

"Had a great afternoon playing the Heist room. My partner and I along with some of our kids enjoyed the challenges the room provided. We are keen to try another room soon."


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