Wyrmspan is inspired by the core mechanisms of the game Wingspan by Elizabeth Hargrave, though Wyrmspan is a more complex game with every aspect of the gameplay freshly designed around the central theme of dragons.

In this board game you are playing as an amateur dracologist in the world of Wyrmspan, a place where dragons of all shapes, sizes, and colours roam the skies. Excavate a hidden labyrinth you recently unearthed on your land and entice these beautiful creatures to roost in the sanctuary of your caves.

During a game of Wyrmspan, you will build a sanctuary for dragons. Your sanctuary begins with 3 excavated spaces - the leftmost space in your Crimson Cavern, your golden Grotto, and your Amethyst Abyss.

Over the course of the game, you will excavate additional spaces in your sanctuary and entice dragons to live there, chaining together powerful abilities and earning the favour of the Dragon Guide.

Players: 1-5
Recommended age: 14+
Game time: 90minutes

SKU: 10000-121

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