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The Night Cage - The All In Edition



The Night Cage is a fully co-operative, horror-themed tile-placement game that traps 1-5 lost souls within an unnatural labyrinth of eternal darkness. To win, players must each collect a key, find a gate, and escape as a group.

Escape won't be easy as each player's visibility is limited by the weak light of their candle. They illuminate only tiles directly connected to their own, and when players move, tiles that fall into darkness are removed from the game. Doubling back the way you came only opens new paths, the old ones being lost forever with critical keys and gates vanishing if your light move away from them...

The ALL IN Edition contains the standard game plus the ALL IN components:

  • 5 LED candles
  • A small acrylic upgrade kit with a short acrylic tile holder
  • 12 nerve tokens
  • A 3-player token
  • And a soundtrack available for download after purchase

Recommended age 14+
Players 1-5
Time 40 - 60 minutes

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