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Flaming Pyramids


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What's happening here? It looks like your neighbors have gathered together to create a pyramid out of straw, wood, and stone. Cool! But wait a minute, why do some people seem to be causing small collapses on purpose? And why does little Susie have a blowtorch?

In Flaming Pyramids, players are building one pyramid together using square tiles, but each player is trying to be the first to get rid of their own tiles.

There are 40 regular tiles with a unique combination of color, number, and material. Except toward the end of the game, players have a hand of five tiles from which to choose, but they are constrained by the building regulations and the luck of the draw. There are also four tiles that can cause fires and one extra-heavy "wild" tile: these can be harder to place without causing extensive damage the later they emerge. If your placed tile causes mayhem(a collapse, fire, or explosion), the damaged tiles go back in your supply.

Flaming Pyramids can be played as a friendly, casual game, an easy starter or filler, or as no-holds-barred multi-round competition.

  • Recommended age: 8+
  • Players: 2-6
  • Game time: 20 minutes

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