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Tzolk'in Escapist Escape Room


It's been five years since the disappearance of your brother. Search and rescue ceased months ago and there has been no sign of him since he left for his solo expedition. Although everyone else is ready to say goodbye, you just can't let it go. 

Upon packing away his research, you come across an old map, titled 'El Dorado'. He spoke to you about this many times but it was never anything more than a fairytale. A city... The Lost City of Gold. Did he really find it? If so, will you find him there?

Room Information

Entry level room, suitable for families with younger children.
English language requirements : Low

Reviews & Testimonials

Steph L.

Nothing like a handful of cold hard coinage. Very cool pros in El Dorado!

Emah L.

This escape room felt like Indiana Jones + great atmospheric soundscapes.

Nikita P.

Very enjoyable escape room. Invokes plenty of out-of-the-box thinking and family friendly. The lost city of gold was found!


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