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Tzolk'in Escapist Escape Room


Archaeology is fun! Especially when you uncover something shiny and gold!
What isn’t fun is when the shiny gold thing gives you nightmares about the end of the world. Now you must journey to a Mayan temple to return the gold artefact to its resting place...Oh and the world will end in a hour if you don’t. 

So hurry and navigate the temple!

Room Information

Entry level room, suitable for families with younger children.
English language requirements : Low

Reviews & Testimonials

Melissa Maree

"Awesome place! We had the BEST time doing Tzolk'in room for my daughter's 10th birthday with her friends. There was so much detail in the room props & the storytelling at the beginning was fantastic."

Sarah Masefield

"We had an awesome time. The temple room was challenging and fun and great for team building. Really look forward to coming again."

Anna Wilson

"Fantastic place. We did the Tzolk'In room with 3 x 12 yrs and under. Excellent for unexperienced escape room people like us!"


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