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Escape Room - Fun Land (Expansion)

Boxed Escape Room


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A bunch of free tickets to the amusement park: you’re not sure if you should feel lucky or doomed
The amusement park was on the edge of town, right next to the woods. Half the attractions were posted OUT OF ORDER and the other half should have been. You remember coming here as a kid, and you remember it closing after a little girl disappeared. All they ever found was one red ribbon in the woods. The park reopened a few years later but it might as well have stayed shut. Hardly anybody went there anymore.
Adding insult to injury, it starts pouring. To escape the rain, you go into the tent where the freak show is being held. The show’s the worst part of the whole park. You decide to treat the show as the joke it is and just laugh your way through the entire thing. It’s terrible, so your happiest moment is when they announce that it’s time for the grand finale. The show is headed by a creepy clown called Happy Jack. He needs some volunteers: you and your friends are invited to help Happy Jack with his act. After a dull intro, you discover you’re going to be part of a magic trick. You’re put in a cage and a large cloth leaves you and your friends in the dark.

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