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We have three immersive escape rooms each with a different theme

You should have stayed on the bus!

First the tour guide went looking for help to fix the broken bus over an hour ago. Then you went looking for him and found him bloodied and tied up in an old farmhouse. Now the deranged resident of the Forsaken Farmhouse is after you, and you have gone and locked yourself in his cellar...You should probably find a way out...like right now!!

*This room contains graphic imagery and themes.This room is R13. Parental discretion is advised.

Archaeology is fun! Especially when you uncover something shiny and gold!
What isn’t fun is when the shiny gold thing gives you nightmares about the end of the world. Now you must journey to a Mayan temple to return the gold artefact to its resting place...Oh and the world will end in a hour if you don’t. 

So hurry and navigate the temple!

Room Information

Bewitched is an escape room like you have never seen before, it is designed for the ultimate communication training. Your team will be split into 2 smaller teams and you will enter the room from 2 different entrances. You will never see each other but have to communicate if you were to escape this room. Optimum group size is 8-10 people.

Room Story

Fifteen years ago, your grandpa died in a fire.  Your grieving grandma claimed that it was not a normal fire, but supernatural forces were at play. Since then, she had been fixated on the unknown and began dabbling in dark arts and black magic, claiming she knew how to get grandpa back. Everybody in your family stayed away from her because of it, calling her crazy, even thought that she is a witch. However, you two remained in closed contact. It has been two years since you last spoken to her, one day you received a letter from her that will change your life forever.


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