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Forsaken Farmhouse Escape Room
Forsaken Farmhouse Escape Room


You should have stayed on the bus!

First the tour guide went looking for help to fix the broken bus over an hour ago. Then you went looking for him and found him bloodied and tied up in an old farmhouse. Now the deranged resident of the Forsaken Farmhouse is after you, and you have gone and locked yourself in his cellar...You should probably find a way out...like right now!!

*This horror escape room contains graphic imagery and themes. Darkness and loud noises to be expected. This room is R13. Parental discretion is advised. Book at your own peril. No refunds if your group is too scared to complete the room.

Room Information

Suitable for beginners and family with older kids (tween or older).
English language requirements : Medium

Reviews & Testimonials

Alex Moore

"Forsaken Farmhouse was a very atmospheric room: not for the faint hearted. We had a great time and got out with seconds to spare. Staff are super friendly and helpful and the game selection to play afterwards is almost too big: we took ages to choose."

Kirsty McGuire

"Loved forsaken farmhouse. Exciting and atmospheric! A few scares but not too many!"

Sophie Bennett

"Came here to do the Forsaken Farmhouse escape room with a group of friends. We had a great time and would definitely recommend it. It was just the right level of challenge and kept us all engaged for almost the full hour. Will definitely be coming back to try out another room!"


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